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Evidence from Resource 1 piece of evidence from this resource.

Speyer, J.J. (1990). Towards Design Induced Error Tolerance. ICAO Human Factors Digest #4: Circular 229-AN/137. Leningrad: International Civil Aviation Organization.

  2. Evidence Type: Excerpt from Survey
    Evidence: "More than 75% of all questions received very high marks in the appreciation scale-range of 4 or ... 5, pilots refraining from making extreme position judgments. Where some improvement was desirable for the future they felt free to rate in this direction. Examples in this area concern seating, software, procedures, use of space on the overhead panel, FPV-information, attention-getting capability of some alarms on the PFD and on the ECAM, interpretation of error messages on the FMS, homogeneity of abnormal/emergency checklist with ECAM WD." (page 397-398)
    Issue: displays (visual and aural) may be poorly designed (Issue #92) See Issue details
    Strength: +1
    Aircraft: unspecified
    Equipment: automation
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