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Evidence from Resource 1 piece of evidence from this resource.

Lozito, S., McGann, A., & Corker, K. (Undated). Data link air traffic control and flight deck environments: Experiment in flight crew performance.

  2. Evidence Type: Excerpt from Experiment
    Evidence: "Based on previous research and in light of the issues associated with data link above, several experimental hypotheses were generated and tested in our simulation. ... Procedure: Within the data link condition, the pilot not flying will be more likely to use the review message log than the pilot flying following the traditional roles in cockpit procedure. ... The hypothesis that the PNF would use the review menu more than the PF was supported. Based on the total number of times the review menu was accessed, the PNF used the review menu 84% of the time." (page 1010, 1012)
    Issue: pilot control authority may be diffused (Issue #104) See Issue details
    Strength: -1
    Aircraft: unspecified
    Equipment: automation
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