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Evidence from Resource 1 piece of evidence from this resource.

McElhatton, J., Buchanan, P., & Drew, C. (1998). Crossing restriction altitude deviations on SIDs and STARs. ASRS Directline, 10, 10-15.

  2. Evidence Type: Excerpt from Incident Study
    Evidence: "This study investigated human error reduction effect of a special type of warning - a warning that does not instruct participants how to do a task and does not involve catastrophic consequences if ignored. Cautions should be exercised in interpreting the results of this study. A practical implication of this study is that warning instructions that do not include knowledge of how to perform the task have only limited effect in human error reduction they may only reduce human errors for HKC [high knowledge content] participants in performing high inference tasks. Whenever possible, do include knowledge of how to perform a task into warnings. Theoretically, this study supports Lehto’s (1991) and Lehto and Salvendy’s (1995) theoretical analysis of when and why warnings can help reduce human error and that is when warnings can help participants transit from skill- or rule-based performance level to knowledge-based level." (page 155)
    Issue: insufficient information may be displayed (Issue #99) See Issue details
    Strength: +1
    Aircraft: unspecified
    Equipment: automation: displays
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