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Evidence from Resource 1 piece of evidence from this resource.

Mosier, K.L., Skitka, L.J., & Korte, K.J. (1994). Cognitive and Social Psychological Issues in Flight Crew/Automation Interaction. In Proceedings of the 1st Automation Technology and Human Performance Conference, held in Washington, DC, April 7-9, 1994, 191-197. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers.

  2. Evidence Type: Excerpt from Incident Study
    Evidence: "The most interesting aspects of the data have to do with the 'cause' of the anomaly ... Crews also cited complacency or lack of vigilance as a factor in 77% of the reports." (page 194)
    Issue: pilots may be overconfident in automation (Issue #131) See Issue details
    Strength: +4
    Aircraft: unspecified
    Equipment: automation
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