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Source: Roscoe, A.H. (April, 1992). Workload in the Glass Cockpit. Flight Safety Digest, 1-8.
Source Type:   Experiment
Synopsis: This paper describes a Britannia Airways study that began in 1984. "Some of the advantages of new technology were demonstrated in a Britannia Airways study ... it was designed to compare levels of workload experienced during routine passenger flights in the newly introduced Boeing 767 with those experienced in the older Boeing 737-200 - an accepted two-pilot airplane. Workload was assessed by means of a specially designed, 10-point rating scale - the Bedford Scale - augmented by recording the pilot's heart rate. An experienced cockpit observer, seated in the cockpit, recorded details of the flight and also rated the workload using the same scale. During the first phase of the study, 12 pilots were monitored in the 737 and then, after conversion and some experience in type, in the 767."
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