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Source: National Transportation Safety Board (1984). Scandinavian Airlines DC-10-30, J.F.K Airport, New York, February 2, 1984. Aircraft Accident Report NTSB/AAR-84-15. Washington, DC: National Transportation Safety Board.
Source Type:   Accident
Synopsis: "On the 28th of February 1984, Scandinavian Airlines Flight 901, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, was a regularly scheduled international passenger flight from Stockholm, Sweden, to New York City, New York, with an en route stop at Oslo, Norway. Following an approach to runway 4 right at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, the airplane touched down about 4,700 ft (1,440 meters) beyond the threshold of the 8,400-foot (2,560-meter) runway and could not be stopped on the runway. The airplane was steered to the right to avoid the approach light pier at the departure end of the runway and came to rest in Thurston Basin, a tidal waterway located about 600 ft from the departure end of runway 4R. The 163 passengers and 14 crewmembers evacuated the airplane safely, but a few received minor injuries. The nose and lower forward fuselage sections, wing engines, flaps, and leading edge devices were substantially damaged at impact. The weather was ceiling 200 ft overcast, 3/4-mile visibility, with light drizzle and fog. The temperature was 47°F with the wind from 100° at 5 knots. The surface of the runway was wet, but there was no standing water."
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