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Source: Speyer, J.J., Monteil, C., Blomberg, R.D., & Fouillot, J.P. (1990). Impact of New Technology on Operational Interface: From Design Aims to Flight Evaluation and Measurement. Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development No. 301, Vol. 1.
Source Type:   Experiment
Synopsis: "Two experimental studies were performed in cooperation with DUNLAP & ASSOCIATIES (Hartford, Connecticut, USA) to investigate the impact of new digital equipment that was to be installed in the A310. ... studies were undertaken to compare the overall performance of the pilot/aircraft system between flights using conventional, electromechanical primary flight instruments and those flown with the new, electronic flight instruments (EFIS) and the flight management system (FMS). Data collection for the EFIS experiment was undertaken in an A300 flight test & development aircraft (MSN 003) which for this purpose was specifically equipped with conventional instruments installed in front of the left seat position and EFIS installed in the right seat position. Data collection for the FMS experiment was undertaken in production A310 which had both the EFIS and FMS at both pilot positions. ... both studies utilized a design in which relevant parameters were systematically varied as the experimental subjects (senior Airbus test pilots who had never flown with EFIS nor FMS before) repeatedly flew specifically designed circuits."
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