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Source: Speyer, J.J., Blomberg, R.D., & Fouillot, J.P. (1990). Evaluation the Impact of New Technology Cockpits: Onwards from A300FF, A310, A320 to A330, A340. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Human Machine Interaction and Artificial Intelligence in Aeronautics and Space.
Source Type:   Experiment
Synopsis: Airbus Industrie conceived a comparative test between the sidestick/fly-by-wire combination and conventional controls. "... the conventional controls for the CM1 (left) were removed and replaced with a sidestick. ...A 'base training' circuit was designed to pose a variety of flying problems for two engineering test pilots neither of whom had flown fly-by-wire before. Three different operational conditions were experimented, i.e. flight director (with autothrottle), ILS (raw data without autothrottle), NDB."
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