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Source: Ministry of Civil Aviation - India (1990). Report on Accident to Indian Airlines Airbus A-320 Aircraft VT-EPN at Bangalore, February 14, 1990. Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India.
Source Type:   Accident
Synopsis: "On the 14th of February 1990, the India Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft registered VT-EPN was operating a scheduled passenger flight IC-605 from Bombay to Bangalore. Capt. S.S. Gopujkar was in command of the flight. Capt. C.A. Fernandez was the second pilot operating under supervision. There were five cabin crew and a total of 135 passengers and four infants on board the flight. The aircraft took off from Bombay at 1158 hours (Indian Standard Time) and after it had reported the runway was in sight, landing clearance on runway 09 was given by Bangalore Control Tower at 1302 hours. During the final approach, the aircraft descended below the normal approach path and its wheels contacted ground in the golf course area at about 2300 feet from the beginning of the runway and impacted the embankment at the boundary of the golf course. The aircraft thereafter hopped over a nullah and a road adjacent to the golf course and landed on the area outside the boundary wall of the airport. The aircraft was destroyed due to the impact and fire. In all, 90 persons on board including both flight crew members and two cabin crew died in the accident. The accident occurred in broad daylight. The Probable Cause of the Accident was the failure of the pilots to realize the gravity of the situation and respond immediately with the proper action of moving the throttles. The pilots spent the final seconds of the flight before the accident trying to understand why the plane was in idle/open descent mode."
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