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Source: Eldredge, D., Mangold, S., & Dodd, R.S. (1992). A Review and Discussion of Flight Management System Incidents Reported to the Aviation Safety Reporting System. Final Report DOT/FAA/RD-92/2. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration.
Source Type:   Incident Study
Synopsis: "This report covers the activities related to the description, classification and analysis of the types and kinds of flight crew errors, incidents and actions, as reported to the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) database, that can occur as a result of the use of Flight Management Systems (FMSs) to fly within the national Airspace System (NAS). ... A total of 282 FMS-related reports, describing incidents reported to ASRS that occurred during 1988 and 1989, were retrieved from the ASRS database using FMS-related search terms. From these 282 reports, 129 reports were selected on the basis of the reported incident having arisen, at least in part, because of crew problems with the FMS. To this point, 99 of these reports have been reviewed in detail, and this report represents the analysis of those reports."
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