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Source: Sarter, N.B. & Woods, D.D. (1995). Strong, Silent, and Out-of-the-loop: Properties of Advanced (Cockpit) Automation and Their Impact on Human-Automation Interaction. CSEL Report 95-TR-01.
Source Type:   Experiment
Synopsis: This paper describes " procedures and results of ... research activities that were carried out to examine the nature and circumstances of automation-related problems encountered by A-320 pilots during line operations. ... The final step in the reported line of research was an experimental simulation study of mode awareness and pilot-automation coordination on the flight deck of the A-320. ... Eighteen experienced A-320 pilots were asked to fly a 90-minute scenario on a full-mission A-320 simulator. The scenario for the study was designed to include a variety of tasks and events that represent instantiations of the problems suggested by the survey. ... Behavioral data were collected throughout the flight to infer pilots' level of mode awareness and to examine how they cope with 'automation surprises'. these data were complemented by verbal data gathered during a debriefing to clarify observed behavior."
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