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Source: Investigation Commission of Ministry of Transport - France (1993). Rapport de la Commission d'Enquete sur l'Accident survenu le 20 Janvier 1992 pres du Mont Saite Odile (Bas Rhin) a l/Airbus A.320 Immatricule F-GGED Exploite par lay Compagnie Air Inter. Official English translation from the Ministere de l'Equipement, des Transports et du Tourisme, France. Ministere de l'Equipement, des Transports et du Tourisme.
Source Type:   Accident
Synopsis: "On the 20th of January 1992, the Airbus A320 aircraft registered F-GGED operated by Air Inter was operating a scheduled night flight between Lyon-Satolas and Strasbourg-Entzheim under the radio call sign ITF 148 DA. The departure from Lyons was at 17h20 with 90 passengers, 2 flight crew members and 4 cabin crew members. During the flight no problems were reported by the crew. The active runway was 05. The crew had planned to carry out an ILS approach procedure for runway 23 but after having heard the information from the ATIS, the crew planned to make an ILS approach on 23 followed by a visual onto 05. Before transferring the aircraft to the Strasbourg approach control, the Centre Régional de la Navigation Aérienne (CRNA) east of Reims cleared them down to flight level 70 toward the ANDLO beacon. At 18h09, contact was established with the Strasbourg approach control. The aircraft had crossed to flight level 150 during descent and its distance to VOR STR was 22 nautical miles. The Strasbourg controller asks them to turn towards the ANDLO beacon and gave them clearance to descend to 5000 feet on the QNH. After they announced they had passed over ANDLO, the controller authorized a VOR-DME approach for runway 05. However, taking into account the altitude and the speed of the plane, the direct approach procedure was not possible and the crew signaled to the controller their intention to carry out an ILS 23 procedure followed by a visual onto 05. The controller advised them that in view of the approach they requested, they may have to wait to allow three aircraft to take off of runway 05. The crew decided to change their approach strategy and advised the controller that they would carry out a complete VOR-DME procedure for runway 05. The controller then suggested radar guidance to bring the crew over the ANDLO beacon to shorten the approach procedure. The aircraft was several seconds from VOR STR. The crew accepted and carried out the changes that the controller indicated: turn left to heading 230° for a parallel alignment and then turn to return to the ANDLO beacon. At 18h19 the controller authorized them for final approach and advised the crew that the plane was passing to the right of ANDLO beacon. The plane began its descent, noticeably at the distance planned for the approach procedure, it was 11 nautical miles from VOR STR. Thirty seconds later the controller asks the crew to report when over STR. The crew acknowledges this message. This is the last contact with the plane. The wreckage was found at approximately 22h35, on a slope of the mountain "La Bloss" at a topographical altitude of 800 meters (2620 feet), at about 0.8 nautical miles to the left of the axis of approach and at 10.5 nautical miles from the end of the runway. "
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