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Source: Main Commission Aircraft Accident Investigation - Poland (1994). Report on the accident to Airbus A320-211 Aircraft in Warsaw on 14 September 1993.
Source Type:   Accident
Synopsis: "On the 14th of September 1993, the Lufthansa Airlines, Inc. Airbus A320-211 aircraft registered D-AIPN was flying a regularly scheduled flight. Flight DLH 2904 was scheduled to fly from Frankfurt to Barcelona to Frankfurt to Warsaw and back to Frankfurt. The legs from Frankfurt to Barcelona to Frankfurt were performed uneventfully. The accident occurred during the flight from Frankfurt to Warsaw and carried two flight crew, four cabin crew and 64 passengers. DLH 2904 flight from Frankfurt to Warsaw progressed normally until Warsaw Okecie Control Tower warned the crew that windshear existed on the approach to Runway 11. This had been reported to Warsaw Okecie Control Tower by DLH 5764 who had just landed. According to Flight Manual instructions PF used an increased approach speed and with this speed touched down on Runway 11 in Okecie aerodome. A very light touch of the runway surface with the landing gear and it consequential lack of compression of the left landing gear resulted in delayed deployment of spoilers and thrust reversers. Delay was about 9 seconds. Because the braking commenced with delay and there was the condition of heavy rain and a strong tailwind, the aircraft did not stop on the runway. The aircraft rolled over the end of the runway and after traveling another 90 meters its left wing collided with an embankment. When the aircraft collided with the embankment, its fuel tanks were damaged and fuel began to spill on the left side of the fuselage. The fuel was ignited most probably because of contact with hot parts on the damaged left engine. Evacuation of passengers, organized by the four cabin crew, contributed to the rescue of 63 of the 64 passengers on board. The left seat pilot survived but the right seat pilot was killed during the collision with the embankment. Aerodome fire service extinguished the fire on the aircraft."
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