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Source: Riley, V., Lyall, E., & Wiener, E. (1993). Analytic Methods for Flight-Deck Automation Design and Evaluation, Phase Two Report: Pilot Use of Automation. FAA Contract Number DTFA01-91-C-0039.
Source Type:   Experiment
Synopsis: "The purpose of this program was to identify and characterize factors that influence pilot decisions to use or not use automation. Because so little data exist in this area to date, we chose to approach the topic from three directions. First, we used a simple computer-based experiment to gather basic data on how pilot automation use decisions were influenced by changes in workload, task uncertainty, automation reliability, and risk, and how pilot decisions regarding automation use differed from non-pilots. Second, we performed a series of simulator studies in which specific features of the situation were manipulated to determine their effects on automation use decisions. And third, we augmented the simulator study data with a questionnaire in which we asked participating pilots to indicate how factors of interest (workload, self confidence, trust in the automation, urgency, and risk) affect their automation use decisions. Sixty nine commercial transport pilots participated in the computer study and forty in the simulator study. Taken together, these sets of results shed new light on how pilots decide to use or not use automation."
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