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Source: McElhatton, J., Buchanan, P., & Drew, C. (1998). Crossing restriction altitude deviations on SIDs and STARs. ASRS Directline, 10, 10-15.
Source Type:   Incident Study
Synopsis: "No previous ASRS review of SID and STAR-related altitude deviations has been conducted. Thus we undertook this review to determine the causes and contributors to altitude deviations that occur during SID and STAR procedures, and to compare the results of this analysis with selected findings of the 1982 ASRS study. Looking at Reports The objective of this review was to categorize the types (i.e., undershoot or overshoot) and frequency of crossing restriction altitude deviations, and to determine the types of human performance errors that contribute to crossing restriction altitude deviations. Additionally, we looked at how and by whom these deviations are detected and corrected, and compared the number of deviations for traditional versus glass cockpit technology aircraft."
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