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Source: Palmer, E.A. & Mitchell, C.M. (1997). Models, methods, and metrics: A structured approach for the evaluation and redesign of autoflight system interfaces. In R.S. Jensen & L. Rakovan (Eds.), Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, 965-970. Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University.
Source Type:   Observation
Synopsis: Flight deck descent procedures were developed for a field evaluation of the CTAS Descent advisor conducted in the fall of 1995. During this study, CTAS descent clearances were issued to 185 commercial flights at Denver International Airport. Data collection included questionnaire responses obtained from participating pilots and observations recorded in the cockpit during CTAS descents. Results indicate pilots’ general acceptance of the procedure. Several problems were uncovered regarding clearance understanding, readbacks, and the acceptability of top of descent point and descent speed clearances in a few situations. This paper describes the descent procedures and phraseology developed to support the field test and presents the nature of the problems encountered.
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