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Source: Damos, D.L., John, R.S., & Lyall, E.A. (1999). Changes in pilot activities with increasing automation. In R.S. Jensen, B. Cox, J.D. Callister, & R. Lavis (Eds.), Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, 810-815. Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University.
Source Type:   Observation
Synopsis: "We examined how increasing levels of cockpit automation affect the amount of time pilots spent performing various activities. Pilots’ activities were recorded every 7.5 s in four different aircraft during revenue flying. Two of the aircraft were Boeing 737-200’s and two were Boeing 737-300’s. The amount of time pilots spent hand flying the aircraft decreased with increasing automation, but otherwise the level of automation had little effect on the proportion of time pilots spent communicating or performing other procedural and housekeeping activities."
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