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Note: Please do not fill it out and send it to us -- the survey has been completed!

Sample Questionnaire

Following is the questionnaire we used in our study of flightdeck automation (see the Phase 1 Report).

Flightdeck Automation 
Problems and Concerns Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the following
questionnaire on flightdeck automation problems and
concerns.  Your input will be a valuable contribution to
our efforts to improve aviation safety.

General Instructions:

1.   Unless you are really happy with your e-mail editor,
     save this message to a file and use a text editor or
     word processor (in ASCII/text mode) to add your
     responses to it.

2.   The questionnaire is divided into two parts, separated
     by lines of ='s.  Part 1 asks for personal information:
     name, address, flying experience, etc.  Part 2 asks for
     problems you know of or concerns you have about 
     flightdeck automation.  If you have more than one problem
     or concern to contribute, use the copy function of your 
     text editor or word processor to make one copy of Part 2
     for each problem or concern, appending the copies to the
     end of the file.

3.   Each part of the questionnaire is divided into several 
     blocks of related questions.  Blocks are separated by 
     lines of -'s.  Within each block are specific
     instructions which are indented from the rest of
     the text.

4.   Wherever your response is required, you will see
     something like

     [   ]>>> 

     The []s enclose the type of response required:

     [y/n]  means yes (y) or no (n).  No response (blank) is
             equivalent to n.
     [text] means to type text.  Type as much as you wish.
     [1-5]  means type a number in the range 1-5.

     Do not delete the questions, the instructions, or the
     prompts ([   ]>>>).  Type your response _after_ the >>>.

5.   When finished, save the results in ASCII/text format.

6.   Send any questions you have about completing the
     questionnaire to flight@engr.orst.edu.

7.   Return the completed version of the questionnaire to
     flight@engr.orst.edu.  We will acknowledge receipt as
     soon as we get it.

8.   Keep a copy of the completed questionnaire in case there
     are transmission problems.

Thanks for your help!

Ken Funk
Assistant Professor of 
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Oregon State University
Flightdeck Automation 
Problems and Concerns Questionnaire, Part 1
     The following information is requested in case we
     need to contact you to clarify your problems or
     concerns and to send reports to you, if you wish

Name           [text]>>> 

Address        [text]>>> 

E-mail address [text]>>>

     If you want to remain anonymous, so indicate by
     answering 'y' to the following question.  If you do so,
     the personal information you provide on this 
     questionnaire will be held confidential, available to
     and read only by project personnel. If you do not
     answer 'y', you may be listed as a contributor to
     the study.  In either case, your address will not be
     given to others without your explicit permission. 

Do you wish to remain anonymous? [y/n]>>> 

     If you wish to be placed on our distribution
     list, answer 'y' to the following question.  If you
     do so, you will receive copies of the results from
     this study.

Do you wish to be on our distribution list? [y/n]>>> 

     The following information is requested so that we may
     identify the general sources of the problems and
     concerns expressed.  Please answer y for all items
     that apply and supply the appropriate text.

Areas of Expertise
  flying airplanes            [y/n]>>> 
  air traffic control         [y/n]>>> 
  aircraft/eqpt design        [y/n]>>> 
  procedure design            [y/n]>>> 
  aircraft/eqpt certification [y/n]>>> 
  flight standards            [y/n]>>> 
  flight safety               [y/n]>>> 
  flightcrew instruction      [y/n]>>> 
  training development        [y/n]>>> 
  airline management          [y/n]>>> 
  human factors research      [y/n]>>> 
  other                       [text]>>> 

Current job title [text]>>> 
     If you are a pilot, please fill out this block. 
     Respond y to all items that apply and fill in the
     appropriate text.  If you are not a pilot, please
     skip to the next block.

Current seat                            
  captain           [y/n]>>> 
  first officer     [y/n]>>> 
  other crewmember  [text]>>> 

Flying experience
  aircraft flown (list all flown)[text]>>> 

  current aircraft [text]>>> 

  total flying time (hours) [0- ]>>> 

  time (hours) in "glass cockpit" aircraft
     (e.g., A320, B757, MD11)[0- ]>>> 

  student      [y/n]>>> 
  private      [y/n]>>> 
  instrument   [y/n]>>> 
  multiengine  [y/n]>>> 
  commercial   [y/n]>>> 
  CFI          [y/n]>>> 
  ATP          [y/n]>>> 
  F/E          [y/n]>>> 
  other        [text]>>> 
     The following information is requested to assess your
     general attitude toward flightdeck automation.  For
     each statement, type a number that best reflects your
     opinion as

          1  strongly disagree
          2  disagree
          3  neutral
          4  agree
          5  strongly agree
1.  I think that they've gone too far with automation.

2.  Modern automation is a big step forward.
Please list names and phone numbers or e-mail addresses of
others that we should contact about flightdeck automation
problems and concerns, documents concerning such problems
and concerns, and organizations interested or impacted by
such problems and concerns. 

Flightdeck Automation 
Problems and Concerns Questionnaire, Part 2

     Use the copy function of your text editor or word
     processor to make a copy of this part of the
     questionnaire (down to the next line of ='s) for each 
     problem you know of or concern you have concerning 
     flightdeck automation.  Append these copies to the 
     end of this file.
Describe a problem you know of or a concern you have about
flightdeck automation.

If this problem or concern is specific to any particular
aircraft, equipment, or procedures, name them.

To your knowledge, has this ever contributed to an
accident or incident?  Describe.

Why is this a problem or concern?  What is its relevance
to flight safety?  Can you list any principles of flight
safety, crew coordination, equipment design, etc. that
underlie this problem or concern?

In your opinion, how critical is this problem or concern
to flight safety? [1-5]>>> 

     1  not relevant
     2  not very critical
     3  moderately critical
     4  very critical
     5  extremely critical
Thanks for your help on the study!  Please send the
completed version of this questionnaire to

This questionnaire is presented for purposes of documenting the study. Please don't fill it out and mail it to us. The survey is done!

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