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Evidence for an Issue 3 pieces of evidence for this issue.

crew assignment may be inappropriate (Issue #142) - When two pilots with little automation experience are assigned to an advanced technology aircraft, errors related to automation use may be more likely.

  2. Evidence Type: Excerpt from Survey
    Evidence: 22 of the 30 (73%) respondents reported a 4 (= agree) or 5 (= strongly agree) with pc142 crew assignment may be inappropriate
    Strength: +3
    Aircraft: unspecified
    Equipment: automation
    Source: Lyall, E., Niemczyk, M. & Lyall, R. (1996). Evidence for flightdeck automation problems: A survey of experts. See Resource details

  4. Evidence Type: Excerpt from Accident Report
    Evidence: "The J-4101 was a new airplane placed into service in the United States by ACA in May 1993. Both pilots had low fly time and experience in the airplane and in any airplane equipped with an electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) ... The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable causes of this accident to be: ... (3) Flightcrew inexperience in "glass cockpit" automated aircraft" (page 73)
    Strength: +4
    Aircraft: J4101
    Equipment: automation
    Source: National Transportation Safety Board (1994). Stall and Loss of Control on Final Approach, Atlantic Coast Airlines, Inc., United Express Flight 6291, Jetstream 4101, N304UE, Columbus, Ohio, January 7, 1994. Aircraft Accident Report NTSB/AAR-94/07. Washington, DC: National Transportation Safety Board. See Resource details

  6. Evidence Type: Excerpt from Incident Study
    Evidence: In our review of 282 automation-related ASRS incident reports, we found 7 reports (2%) supporting issue142 (crew assignment may be inappropriate).
    Strength: +1
    Aircraft: various
    Equipment: automation
    Source: Owen, G. & Funk, K. (1997). Flight Deck Automation Issues: Incident Report Analysis. http://www.flightdeckautomation.com/incidentstudy/incident-analysis.aspx. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. See Resource details
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