Duplicate Matrix: Problems/Concerns Related to Automation May Obscure Its Mode Or State From Pilot

The Problems/Concerns related to automation may obscure its mode or state from pilot are highlighted in pink.

Mean Criticality versus Agreement Ratings Matrix: Click each cell for detail of issues contained there.

Not problem (left skew with 0-2 right of neutral)
Probably not problem (left skew)
Possible problem (high cannot addresses and neutrals)
Possible problem (bipolar or flat)
Probable problem (right skew)
Problem (right skew with 0-2 left of neutral)
less than 2.99
3.0 to 3.249
3.25 to 3.49
3.5 to 3.749
3.75 to 3.99
4.0 to 4.249
4.25 to 4.5

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