Cell Detail for Mean Criticality versus Agreement Ratings Matrix

Probable problem (right skew)
4.25 to 4.5
  • Pilots are out of the control loop and peripheral to the actual operation of the aircraft and therefore not prepared to assume control when necessary. (pc2)
  • When automation fails, pilots have difficulty taking over monitoring, decision making, and control tasks. (pc23)
  • Envelope protections may prevent necessary correction maneuvers in critical situations, such as when recovering from unusual attitudes. (pc58)
  • Pilots cannot tell what mode or state the automation is in, how it is configured, what it is doing, and how it will behave. This leads to reduced situation awareness and errors. (pc95)
  • Automation recommendations or actions are based on only a few key variables. An automation device lacks full situation awareness and may advise or act inappropriately, especially under unusual conditions. (pc120)
  • Pilots abdicate responsibility to automation, assuming that it will perform correctly and therefore not monitoring it adequately. In some cases, the assumption is invalid and safety is compromised. (pc163)

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