Cell Detail for Mean Criticality versus Agreement Ratings Matrix

Problem (right skew with 0-2 left of neutral)
4.0 to 4.249
  • There are potential hazards caused by computer to computer communication when human supervision and intervention is difficult or impossible. (pc22)
  • Some possible failures are not anticipated by designers so there are no contingency procedures provided to pilots, increasing trouble shooting workload and the opportunity for error. (pc24)
  • It is difficult to detect, diagnose, and evaluate the consequences of automation failures (errors and malfunctions), especially when behavior seems 'reasonable' resulting in faulty or prolonged decision making. (pc25)
  • The attentional demands of pilot automation interaction can significantly interfere with performance of safety critical tasks. (e.g., head down time, distractions, etc.) (pc102)
  • Flightcrews are trained in automation operation procedures but not in automation management, which can be critical for safe operations. (pc118)
  • Although automation may do what it is designed to do, design specifications may not take into account certain unlikely but very possible conditions, leading to unsafe automation behavior. (pc125)
  • When two pilots with little automation experience are assigned to an advanced technology aircraft, errors related to automation use are more likely. (pc142)

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