Cell Detail for Mean Criticality versus Agreement Ratings Matrix

Possible problem (bipolar or flat)
4.0 to 4.249

  • Automation design limits the authority of a pilot to perform a function even though he/she still has responsibility for it. (pc12)
  • Reversion to lower levels of automation disables built in protections, possibly leading to unsafe conditions if pilots continue to rely on them. (pc15)
  • Automation controls are designed so that they are difficult to access and activate quickly and accurately, or easy to activate inadvertently. (pc37)
  • Automation is too complex to understand and use effectively. (pc40)
  • Automation is not thoroughly tested before use and it may not perform correctly under certain conditions. (pc115)
  • Automation designers have difficulty in making good decisions about allocating functions to humans or to automation, leading to poor function allocation decisions. (pc117)
  • Automatic flight control systems use a different strategy of control than the pilot, leading to the pilot's loss of situation awareness and pilot errors. (pc122)

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