Cell Detail for Mean Criticality versus Agreement Ratings Matrix

Problem (right skew with 0-2 left of neutral)
3.75 to 3.99
  • Side sticks are not coupled with each other or the autopilot, reducing awareness of the other pilot's or the autopilot's inputs, resulting in reduced situation awareness and/or improper control actions. (pc30)
  • The proliferation of automation modes increases pilot decision making requirements results in infrequently used and poorly understood modes. (pc45)
  • Automation changes and/or adds pilot tasks, making new (often more serious) errors possible. (pc89)
  • There is no comprehensive, coherent philosophy provided to pilots for the use of automation, resulting in inconsistencies and uncertainties in its use. (pc101)
  • Automation training requirements for instructor/check pilots are not well defined, leading to inadequately qualified instructor/check pilots. (pc143)
  • Pilots do not know the automation's intent, allowing conflicting goals to go undetected and unsafe conditions to ensue. (pc147)
  • Although the pilot interface may be superficially similar across aircraft types, there are significant deep differences that may confuse pilots and lead to unsafe conditions. (pc149)
  • When using automation pilot response to unanticipated events and clearances may be slower than it would be under manual control, increasing the likelihood of unsafe conditions. (pc161)

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