Cell Detail for Mean Criticality versus Agreement Ratings Matrix

Possible problem (bipolar or flat)
3.75 to 3.99

  • Pilots cannot disengage automation, resulting in limits to pilot authority. (pc43)
  • There is no effective philosophy for training pilots for automated aircraft, resulting in inappropriate and inadequate training. (pc67)
  • Not enough information is provided for pilots to adequately perform their tasks. (pc99)
  • The traditional distribution of workload between pilots (e.g., between PF and PNF, between C and F/O) is modified under automated flight, which may allow safety critical tasks to be neglected. (pc104)
  • Computer based automation makes the aircraft more complex and tightly coupled (i.e., there are many components, they are strongly linked, and failures may propagate more readily). This increases the likelihood of accidents. (pc124)
  • The presence of automation reduces inter pilot communication, resulting in less sharing of information. (pc139)

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