Cell Detail for Mean Criticality versus Agreement Ratings Matrix

Probable problem (right skew)
3.5 to 3.749
  • Large amounts and/or poor formatting of information increases pilot workload. (pc14)
  • The pilot-automation interface is poorly designed with respect to human factors considerations, resulting in poor pilot performance or pilot dissatisfaction. (pc39)
  • Pilots do not effectively use automation because they do not understand interaction of automation devices or interaction of automation modes. (pc41)
  • Training for automated aircraft does not adequately prepare pilots with basic (i.e., non-automation) system knowledge in that aircraft, and pilots may lack the knowledge and skill necessary to operate the aircraft manually. (pc63)
  • Pilots lose psychomotor and cognitive skills required for flying manually, or for flying non automated aircraft, due to use of automation. (pc65)
  • Keyboard alphanumeric data entry is prone to errors, which can adversely affect safety. (pc71)
  • It is difficult for one pilot to monitor what another is doing with automation, reducing awareness of pilot intentions and cross checking for errors. (pc72)
  • When the automation system database is incomplete or contains erroneous data, it increases pilot workload and the opportunity for navigation or other errors. (pc110)
  • Automation design often does not take into consideration the operational knowledge of pilots. This may lead to designs that are counter intuitive to pilots, increasing pilot workload and the opportunity for error. (pc121)
  • Older pilots have trouble accepting and learning to use automation, making them more prone to misusing it. (pc132)
  • There is a lack of function and interface standardization between automation systems, leading to increased training requirements, increased pilot workload, and poor pilot performance. (pc138)
  • Automation designers leave pilots to do the tasks that cannot be automated. The pilots are left with a set of poorly integrated tasks that are difficult to perform well. (pc153)
  • Companies require pilots to use automation. In some cases, such use is unsafe. (pc159)

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